Zenith Walton 7-S-232

The Walton radios,(so named because of the fame this series received when one was used in the TV series, "The Waltons") are among the most popular among serious Zenith collectors. This is a Zenith 1938 Model 7-S-232, a 7 tube "Walton". Other radios in the same style and therefore also called "Waltons" are the 9-tube 9-S-232, the top of the line 12 tube 12-S-232 and the 7 tube AC/DC 7-J-232. The 7-J-232 gets the least respect among collectors because it doesn't have the "Eye" tube that indicates maximun signal strength while tuning. The 9-S-232 and the 12-S-232 offer motorized tuning. The 7-S-232 offers the "eye" tube but only flywheel tuning and has surprising sensitivity.

Electronically restored and playing as it did when new, this set produces beautiful sound through its 8 inch Dynamic speaker. All non-elctronic components are original except the grill cloth which is a nice exact reproduction of the original used on this model. The cabinet has been refinished with hand rubbed varnish and the set is nothing short of spectacular.

Zenith 7-S-232 Schematic & Alignment

Zenith 7-J-232 Schematic & Alignment

Zenith 9-S-232 Schematic & Alignment

Zenith 12-S-232 Schematic & Alignment

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